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We are a team of students from the University of Waterloo, renowned as one of the top engineering schools in Canada, whose goal is to win the International Robotic Sailing Regatta. Our team consists of a variety of engineers including Mechatronics, Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical engineers. Besides sailing, we are passionate about complex electronics, robotics systems, and mechanical design. As a team we are working together to build something truly innovative. As a student team we rely on sponsor help to work.

Autonomous Engineering

Building an autonomous sailboat is a multidisciplinary engineering project that combines mechanical, electrical, computer, and software engineering. Deficiencies in any one of these areas drastically affects the overall quality of the final vessel. This type of problem solving supplements the work experience our students gain from the co-op program, exposing them to the large, multi-faceted engineering projects common in many industries.

A world of possibilities are exposed when we create autonomous sailing technology.

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Seamus Johnston

Richard Li

Lily Liu

Jessen Liang

Jonathan Parson

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Paul Miller


Jan Huissoon

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